George Soros Returns to Political Life for his “Open Society”

After many decades of commitment to liberal ideals, George Soros has again entered the political turmoil between those who believe in an open society and those who want it closed to outsiders. In his youth, it was the Nazis who invaded his native Hungary and the Communists who came to power after the war. Now, with a lifetime of wealth at his disposal, he is funding like-minded movements to promote democracy, free speech, and education throughout the world.

According to Forbes, George Soros has a net worth of 25.2 billion dollars. He made his fortune on Wall Street and other financial markets around the world, as the manager of hedge funds that created wealth for their investors. He studied Finance at the London School of Economics after fleeing Hungary and worked his way through school. After graduating, George Soros moved to New York, where he soon made a name for himself on Wall Street. Read his profile at Forbes.

Even as his university years taught him the groundwork of what would later become financial genius, he also found a kindred mindset in the writing of Karl Popper, who described an “Open Society” where people of different backgrounds, beliefs, and ideologies could live together in harmony. For Popper, and later Soros, the book was a blueprint for the sort of world he wanted to live in.

The book gave George Soros a name for his foundation in 1984. The Open Society Foundation dedicated itself to promoting knowledge and education as a means of encouraging the liberal spirit. One of their first tasks was delivering copy machines to universities and civil society groups in his native Hungary so students and citizens could read banned books and other publications.

For a short time in American politics, between the George W. Bush and Donald Trump Presidencies, George Soros stayed on the sidelines of the most heated debates. During those years, he focused mainly on international and other issues, but when Donald Trump started campaigning on a nationalist, America-First agenda, he emerged again as a boogeyman of the right.

During the heated 2016 campaign, he donated over 25 million dollars to the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and other Democratic Party candidates. He also donated extensively to Black Lives Matter and voter registration campaigns to ensure that their causes would not be overlooked during the larger political struggles. After Donald Trump won the election, he continued to donate and speak out against the new president’s policies. Learn more about this article at

Also in 2017, George Soros named a new Chief Investment Officer for his family’s Soros Fund Management. Dawn Fitzpatrick is one of Wall Street’s most successful female investors and is now the seventh CIO at the Soros Fund. The portfolio holds 30 billion dollars in assets.

George Soros Fights for Positive Change in The USA As Well As In Europe

In a Forbes article, we learn about George Soros who is an American citizen, but this was not always so. He was born in Hungary before he fled to England to study at the London School of Economics. During this period he worked as a waiter and railway porter to prior to working at a merchant bank where he started his career in finance. In the 1960’s Soros moved to the United States of America and settled in New York, NY. Soros started working on Wall Street and by 1969 he had started his first hedge fund with U$12 million. This hedge fund was known as the “Quantum Fund” at the time. In the early 1990’s, alongside Stan Druckenmiller, George Soros became notorious for being the man who broke the Bank of England by shorting the British pound with an impressive profit. Soros is still a big investor and works through his office, Soros Fund Management, which is estimated at around U$30 billion in assets. This year Soros hired Dawn Fitzpatrick to head his investment portfolio as the CIO (chief investment officer) for his company Soros Fund Management. Dawn Fitzpatrick is a key figure on Wall Street as one of the most prominent women with fantastic results. Learn more about his profile at

George Soros has remained true to his roots and this can be observed in a Politico 28 article where it describes how George Soros set up the foundation of the Open Society Foundation in 1984, which was designed provide photocopiers to universities, libraries and civil society groups in Hungary that was dominated by the Soviets so that Hungarians would be able to reprint prohibited publications. Since then, Soros has been involved in helping countries establish democracy and free markets by being an advisor in the Warsaw Pact. George Soros’s foundation has played key roles in overthrowing many European authoritarian leaders such as in 2000 when he helped protect the people of Serbia by helping to remove Slobodan Milošević. He has also been involved in similar actions in Ukraine in 2004, and 2013 until 2014.

In the United States of America, Soros is currently a key financial player in the Democratic Party. He is actively involved in the Black Lives Matter cause. At the same time, Soros is seeking to cause positive change with the network of Open Society Foundations, presently working in more than one hundred countries throughout the world. Learn more on Biography about George.

Bruce Levenson Is Changing Things Up At Do Good Institute

Bruce Levenson is the founder and key trustee of Do Good Institute at the University of Maryland, reports He retired from NBA ownership in 2015 after selling the Atlanta Hawks for $850 million, nearly twice the value they were thought to be prior to the sale. He also had filed a lawsuit against AIG insurance the following year when they refused to issue payouts to a claim regarding former General Manager Danny Ferry’s dispute. At Do Good Institute, Levenson is encouraging students to put their entrepreneurial skills to use to build philanthropic groups and run them like businesses. Levenson believes that many non-profits can succeed with the right leaders and visionaries leading them.

Bruce Levenson grew up in Washington D.C. and began his business career there in journalism. He wrote for the Washington Star for several years, but then while he went to law school he decided to start publishing his own paper. He and Ed Peskowitz started out with a publication titled Oil Express, and as they gained profits they turned their publishing business into a large company named Unified Communications Group. UCG went from the oil industry to technology, banking, healthcare and government regulations news and also became the incubator company for TechTarget. UCG also owns the GasBuddy app. See,

Bruce Levenson decided to become an NBA owner in 2004 and purchased the Atlanta Hawks along with the arena and the stakes in the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers who he sold in 2011. Levenson also was on the Board of Governors during this time, Levenson’s enthusiasm for basketball also led him to help launch Hoop Dreams, a tournament in downtown Washington D.C. for youth basketball players and helped fund private school scholarships. Levenson also is involved with the Holocaust Memorial Museum and supports Jewish activists in BBYO, Seeds of Peace and Birthright Israel.