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Lori Senecal: Leaving Something in a Better Condition

There are few things people think about when it comes to making an impact. One thing that people need to do is think about the impact they are leaving on an individual or a business. If they have left it in a better position than it was before they have gotten there, then they have […]

March 8, 2018 | By tallbirdy | 0 Comments

Jose Borghi’s Leadership Of Mullen Lowe

Jose Borghi is the CEO of Mullen Lowe, and he knows that the people who need to use marketing services for their companies must reach their best ad agency. He has expanded the company to ensure that they may be reached at any time. This article explains how the company offers better marketing for all, […]

June 22, 2017 | By tallbirdy | 0 Comments

José Borghi has labored to become a high esteemed advertising professional.

The promotional guru, who’s accomplishments are behind the founding of his company, Mullen Lowe, Brazil’s unparalleled and vastly lauded promotional endeavors, is Jose Borghi. Jose’s most legendary and engaging commercials, is entitled “Mammals Parmalat”. In this production, that aired all across Brazil, children are depicted dancing and singing to, Brazilian jingles. The interesting aspect of […]

February 24, 2017 | By tallbirdy | 0 Comments