OSI Group: Remarkable Commitment to Food Quality and Standardization

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OSI Group initially began as a local meat retailer in 1909, then known as Otto Meat Market. It was founded by a German Settler Otto Kolschowsky, who later invited his sons to do business with him. The company is headquartered at Aurora, Illinois, USA. Today, the company is the main distributor for hot dogs, meat patties, poultry items, sausage, frozen entrees, vegetable products, and fish products to top restaurants and other food establishments. OSI Group has flourished into a coveted world processor of convenience restaurant foods due to the high standardization of food safety and production processes. The network building with food service companies and other organizations within the operational locations has also resulted in the success. Read more on wikipedia.org


As a result of the incredible commitment to food safety, OSI Group has a safety division that looks into the Food Safety, Quality assurance, and Regulatory Affairs. The division is headed by Dr. Kenneth Petersen, who holds the position of Senior Vice President. He is a holder of Masters in Public Health and a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine among other qualifications. Dr. Petersen has formerly worked at IEH Laboratories & Consulting Group as the president of the Division of Regulatory Compliance. He has also worked at the Office of Field Operations in the Food Safety and Inspection Service at the United States Department of Agriculture located in Washington, DC, as the assistant administrator.


Over the years, OSI Group has been the receiver of numerous prestigious awards in the various locations of operation. These include the Commendation Certificate for Commitment to Food Safety from the Confederation of Indian Industry in 2016. The Duisburg plant won the Prize of Honor for Food Products in North Rhine-Westphalia 2014. The Gunzburg plant was conferred the Gold Medal for Product Quality in 2015. OSI Food Solutions Poland received National Labor Inspectorate Awards in 2015. OSI Company Austria won the World Steak Challenge 2017 at Alpenrind-Salzburg. OSI Food Solutions UK won the Sword of Honour Award in 2015, the BSC Globe of Honour Award in 2013, 2015 and 2016; the International Safety Award awarded by the British Safety Council, that the company has won unremittingly since 2006.

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