The Rise Of Gareth Henry, Notable Global Investor

November 3, 2018 | By tallbirdy | 0 Comments

A global investor of honorable prestige, Gareth Henry boasts a high degree of business acumen and professionalism. After earning a degree in mathematics from the University of Edinburgh, Henry set out to develop a keen understanding of his trade. With his sights set on becoming a private credit investor, Henry knew that gaining substantial experience in his domain was necessary. It’s for this reason why Henry assumed numerous positions at diverse investment firms. SEI Investments, Angelo Gordon, and Schroders were among a few. Currently, Gareth Henry is an indispensable member of Fortress Investments.

Henry’s penchant for investing materialized early on. Henry maintains that he’s invariably “drawn to the way that finance and mathematics merge.” In the hopes of mastering these fields, Henry gained insight into economics and risk management. Given his innate wisdom, grasping the inner workings of these areas proved simple. Above all else, Henry subscribes to the notion that establishing a strong rapport with clients is paramount. As an attempt to manifest devotion to consumer needs, Henry “develops a complete understanding of client wants and desires.” On average, Henry makes nine calls to clients each day. With that said, he dedicates significant time to those he serves.

As the private credit industry evolves, Gareth Henry makes earnest efforts to stay ahead of the curve. Henry believes that gaining feedback from colleagues is a surefire way to remain in the vanguard of developments. Henry’s business approach likely doesn’t run parallel to most, but he’s of the school of thought that subjective perspectives are “key to understanding internal and external dynamics.” If not for his willingness to glean information from others, Henry believes he’d be governed by misguided knowledge. These days, Gareth Henry continues to flourish in his domain and hopes to play a pivotal role in future developments.

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