Hussain Sajwani Builds DAMAC Properties into a Major Success

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Hussain Sajwani is the owner, Founder and Chairman of DAMAC Properties, a worldwide property development company. He has been recognized worldwide for his entrepreneurship, businesses, leadership and philanthropy. The DAMAC owner has been listed as top 100 most influential Arabs. The billionaire is looking to expand his business to Asia.

Early life

DAMAC Properties is not Hussain Sajwani’s first business. Prior to founding the successful company, he stretched a helping hand to others. At a young age, he worked in his father’s business and gained valuable experience. He sold watches in his father’s shop.

The Billionaire won a UAE government’s scholarship to go and study in the U.S. Consequently, he moved to the U.S. to pursue a degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering at University of Washington. While studying, he earned money selling apartments. After University, he gained work experience working at a big financial institution.

His ideas started earning him money and he decided to bank on his ideas to start businesses. He founded a catering business which picked up quickly to become an international catering company. Afterward, he speared off to the real estate businesses.

DAMAC Properties

The DAMAC Owner realized how lucrative real estate businesses were and founded DAMAC Properties which grew from developing small hotels to developing famous towers in Dubai.

UAE’s government has always been driven by a forward vision. Sajwani was inspired by the government‘s efforts to develop sustainable businesses and projects. He decided to support the government’s endeavors to bring phenomenon developments to Dubai.

DAMAC Properties went public and grew beyond its Dubai market confines to become top 2000 fastest-growing companies globally, according to Forbes. It prides itself of over 44,000 units and more than 17,900 homes portfolio developments.

Hussain Sajwani’s Vision

The entrepreneur has identified investment opportunities in Asia. According to him, the Asia’s economy is growing consistently. Specifically, China’s middle class is growing which comes along with an investment opportunity. The UAE, China bilateral relations will help him increase DAMAC Properties’ presence in China. He likes to take calculated risks.

Other Businesses

Hussain Sajwani’s other portfolio companies include DICO Investments, Al Sultan Qaboos and Akyon Maldives Resort.


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