Alastair Borthwick: Journalism Legend

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Alastair Borthwick will forever be remembered by the journalism world as one of the best journalists to pick up the mantle. On top of that, Borthwick, was both a well-respected broadcaster and author. The legend of a man said his final goodbye more than 15 years ago when he passed in 2003. He lived a long and fulfilling life, living to see his 90th birthday. What he is remembered the most for is two books in particular. Each of which are considered classics to this day.

Despite his success as a journalist Borthwick never graduated from high school. He left school and took a job working at the Glasgow Herald. Due to his hard work he soon found himself editing some of the more prominent pages. It was during this time that he began paying close attention to the hill walking and climbing scene in Glasgow. In fact, he wrote several articles centered around the scene which helped to foster it further. One of the aspects of the scene that interested Borthwick the most was just how many people in the Glasgow area ventured into the Highlands on weekends.

His book, “Always a Little Further,” has received heaps of praise from critics and peers alike. The book’s unconventional approach for the time is what makes it stand out. Though the book is a standalone piece it is actually comprised of pieces Borthwick wrote for the Glasgow Herald. The book is favored by many outdoor activity enthusiasts for its discussion on a multitude of topics on outdoor activity. Borthwick is a former Scottish military Intelligence Officer. He was commissioned to serve during World War II and relocated to Jura after the war was over. He then moved to Islay with his wife and began working in television. He’s had his hand in the production of well over 100 half hour programs.

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