Steve Ritchie, Papa John’s CEO, and his Outstanding 21-Year Journey

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There are many restaurant chains in the world, but few get the popularity and the reviews of Papa John’s, the United States’ currently third largest pizza delivery restaurant, and one of the establishments with the best user-reviews of any of its league.

Papa John’s was founded in 1984, and it all started in a broom closet, in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Now, Papa John’s has spread all over the country, and the delivery service is one of the oldest ones.

The restaurant had several changes in the management department of the headquarters. As the demands of clients began to change with the revolution of the digital world, Papa John’s evolved and became more modern and sophisticated to attend this new generation’s need.

At the head of the restaurant chain now leads the newest CEO Steve Ritchie Papa Johns, which has 21 years of experience in the industry and deserved the spot as one of the best franchisees of the restaurant.

Currently 43, having started as a simple service representative of the restaurant, his long track-record with Papa John’s led him to eventually become the owner of an establishment, a franchise, and finally began helping the headquarters.

As of 2014, four years after he owned his first franchise, Steve Ritchie became the Chief Operational Officer because of his stellar leadership and his experience with the Papa John’s franchise. He, better than any other franchisee, had amounted positive reviews and feedback from clients, and had creative solutions for some of the headquarters’ decision-making regarding the restaurant’s future. Eventually, in 2015, Ritchie was named President.

Steve Ritchie did understand a lot about the pizzas and the flavors of Papa John’s menu. More than that, he recognized many of the departments involved in the system. This allowed Steve to be firmly in touch with the ins and outs of the franchise and to better lead the team.

Humble, Steve Ritchie has stated numerous times the honor that it is to finally assume, in 2018, the role of CEO of Papa John’s the greatest seat for the leader.

As of now, the restaurant is one of the best brands in the country when referring to customer satisfaction. A post from CNN mentioned about Papa John’s latest commercial.

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