Clayton Hutson’s Successful Business Venture in the Music Industry

September 17, 2018 | By tallbirdy | 0 Comments

About Clayton Hutson and how he started his Business

Clayton Hutson is a successful businessman in the field of music where he specializes in offering services to event planners and musicians. He studied Theatre Design before qualifying to be an audio engineer and a project manager as well during the time he was employed in the music industry. He would then establish his firm in Nashville after sharpening his s in production, management, and concert designs. What’s more, as an experienced businessman in the music industry today, Hutson has been able to make a name for himself in the corporate music sector due to his impeccable skills where he has done numerous projects with world known musicians. Again, some of the many technical tasks that he has already completed are for musicians such as Pink, Kid Rock, and Guns N Roses.

Further, through Clayton Hutson’s dedication in his work, he has been able to perfect his services where he continually does this by ensuring he checks for mistakes and by planning his work through a checklist. It is again by his efficiency and productivity on all his live performance music projects that have seen Hutson’s success, hence creating unparalleled concert experiences. Besides, apart from working with musicians, Clayton Hutson has worked with Billy Graham as well during his tours where he oversaw production in the music sector. Equally important, Hutson was involved in working with the Garbage Band’s “Bleed like Me” world tour in 2005. He worked as their monitor engineer where they traveled to three continents including Asia, Australia, and North America.

How Clayton Hutson has managed to stay at the Top

Clayton Hutson says that his success in the music industry has been made possible through his experiences prior to starting his own enterprise. Hutson believes that his mastery for the job was perfected during the time he was employed in the companies he worked before starting his own. His daily routine is usually marked by the planning of different events where an example is his current project of working with Kid Rock. Again, his typical day starts at 6.30 am as he usually prefers going through the day’s plan before his crew arrives to ensure perfection during and after the shows. Additionally, Hutson brings his ideas to reality by envisioning and fully understanding of what designs to work with to deliver quality standard events to his clients, thus retaining them besides boosting his business.


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