Brian Torchin – a Visionary in the Global Health Industry

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Brian Torchin transferred his profession after helping in the healthcare field over several years. He saw an advantage through exploring other potentials and prospered as an entrepreneur in the medical business. As a visionary in the global health industry, the business leader started Health Care Recruitment Counselors (HCRC) intending to advance the medical field.

During his practice career, Brian experienced all the battles medical hospitals endured in trying to employ the right practitioners. But, he also gained much knowledge which granted him a future benefit to his healthcare dream.

Thus, by founding HCRC Torchin had the means to support medical offices in getting the right staffers for their businesses. Nowadays, HCRC Staffing has extended medical offices in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Besides, entrepreneur  Brian Torchin is offering his services to the US, Australia, Europe, Asia, and Canada. These locations are presented well while Brian promotes them in filling their office positions with top-tier healthcare professionals. More about Brian Torchin on Digital Journal

Brian has leverage because of his blogging undertakings and can channel it in using social media. Then, when candidates job search, they’d have the comfort to find openings for their line of work — which Brian posts on his Twitter and Facebook accounts. Of course, he regularly keeps the data current with job offers from different countries.

What’s more, Brian Torchin’s articles contain information about providers’ various conflicts and the medical neighborhoods’ standings. So, using the media platform such as LinkedIn promotes his business foundation for the industry. Thus, LinkedIn has extra details recording Torchin’s medical practices and about HCRC Staffing based in Philadelphia. Also, Digital Journal and CNN magazine have featured Brian’s articles.

Finally, the writer is not only the founder, CEO, and president of HCRC Staffing; Brian Torchin has had important success in chiropractic services. Before furthering his medical business career, Brian Torchin learned chiropractic treatment at New York Chiropractic College and became a licensed chiropractor. Importantly, Torchin is devoted to making sure his clients make the best decisions.

However, the medical field innovator is originating his brand in the Philadelphia community and elsewhere while training graduating students, providing resume conferences — and so much more.

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