Ian King Sees Big Advantage for Robinhood App

July 18, 2018 | By tallbirdy | 0 Comments

Commission-free Investing

Ian King is a well-known investor in the financial market and is a 20-year veteran. King has experience in credit derivatives, stocks, options trading, yet he believes there is no better place to make a profit that in cryptocurrency. As one of the first cryptocurrency investors, he was able to make a return on his investment and still finding ways to maneuver the large underinvested market.

One of the latest financial apps on the market is called Robinhood. It takes its name from the folktale personality Robinhood. Instead of literally taking from the rich and distributing to the poor, Robinhood offers a cost-free way in which everyone can enter the stock market. In short, it shortens the path to wealth. Read this article at Hi-Tech Chronicle.

Robinhood and Cryptocurrency Investing

Robinhood has recently started offering a way in which investors can enter into the cryptocurrency world also in a fee baseless way. Ian King says that this may signal a rough road ahead for those services that charge investors for these services. The competition between commission-free and commission-based trading may make it more difficult for those who charge a fee to investors now that they have the option to still get the same bang for the buck of their investing without having to pay a fee everytime they choose to spend. Robinhood has this advantage that it offers commission-free investment for both stocks and cryptocurrency, which is believed to be a game-changer.

Ian King

Came to Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017. Ian King has over 20 years in the financial markets but joined forces with Banyan Hill to lead their Crypto Profit Trader to show investors how to maneuver the complex world of Cryptocurrency investing. Ian King believes that the Crypto Market is just beginning, but already showing signs of being able to show returns between 500-1600% on investment. Some extreme returns have come from such cryptocurrencies as NXT 697275K (ROI), IOTA 292,300K (ROI), and Ethereum 160,000K (ROI)that have shown returns to their early investors in less than four years. Ian Kings says one of the characteristics of Cryptocurrency trading is it is a very volatile market and can fluctuate between 10-50% daily.

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