Rocketship Education Charter Schools

July 5, 2018 | By tallbirdy | 0 Comments

Rocketship Education is a public charter school that was founded in 2006. The charter school is based out of San Jose, California. There are five schools in the San Jose Region and it’s estimated they’re approximately 450 students per school. They’re also other Rocketship schools across the nation. The other states include the likes of Nashville, Milwaukee, and Washington D.C. The charter schools provide free lunch to approximately 90% students who qualify. Across the nation it’s estimated they’re approximately 15,000 students in Rockethip Charter School and 85% of them are of low-income. It’s also noted that the students secondary language is English. The schools motto is every child deserves an excellent education and that every child should have the ability to attend a four-year college. They believe that path to college begins in kindergarten.

The Washington Monthly reports an interesting article based on the schools high scores. NPR paints a bad picture, by not giving a fair and honest opinion based on the schools success. They believe to qualify “in depth” you don’t have to compare Rocketship charter schools to other public schools. The Rocketship network is deemed as the most nationally applauded charter networks throughout the county. Its recognized as an innovative model of combined learning.

It is not uncommon for the long hours for students, the high pressure, tight discipline and ritualistic classroom protocols. However, even though it’s uncommon for these grueling schedules, the charter schools across the country, have come under increasing scrutiny.

There’s been a controversial piece written about the school. The headline is that Rockethip Education is operated as a “company.” The choice of words has been a hot topic and viewed as a sensitive issue in the education world. Accusations have been made of being commercial or privatization. The word “company” usually means a private, for profit business.

Nevertheless, it’s interesting to see the report come off as more of a takedown as oppose to straight journalism.


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