Freedom Checks and Matt Badiali?

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Freedom Checks are the distributions of an investment in MLPs. Now what does this first sentence mean and what does it have to do with Matt Badiali? In an article on May 4, 2018, an ad was introduced having Matt Badiali holding up a check that looked much like a social security government check. The excitement surrounding the distribution of these monies left people interpreting this opportunity as another get-rich-quick scheme. The interpretation caused people not to take the ad seriously and to shy away from these investments that could bring them high yields. They did not understand the role of the MLPs and what was happening in the financial world with these investments. View to know more..

However, the investments are not a scam. There are times when people earn substantial returns on monies they have invested. Let us take a look at what the checks are and who Matt Badiali is and how he fits into the picture with Freedom Checks. First Freedom Checks are not government checks that are given away to individuals. They are checks people have earned from their investments in natural resources used by the government to help make America independent in their use of natural resources such as oil and gas, rather than America being dependent on a hostile country for supplies.

Matt Badiali is a financial analyst whose background is in the sciences. Mr. Badiali graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in our sciences. He then went to Florida Atlantic University and earned a Masters degree in the science of Geology. He then began working on his Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina until 2004. Afterward, he started traveling the world reviewing and studying natural energy resources and investment opportunities.

In 1987, Congress had enacted Statute 26F allowing companies to become Freedom Check distributors. Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) are the vehicles used for investors to purchase units and to earn distributions on their investments. There are only 568 companies who have met the two requirements that allow them to be part of this group of MLPs. Matt Badiali has been able to study the energy sources and the security of each of these companies to be able to become an expert financial analyst for these resources. He has established a list of requirements that he uses when he makes recommendations of which companies investors make want to choose for investments.

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