Flavio Maluf’s impact in Brazil as a successful entrepreneur

June 5, 2018 | By tallbirdy | 0 Comments

Flavio Maluf is one of the entrepreneurs in Brazil who have lived an exemplary life as a successful person in the business. He has made a lot of achievements since he started being involved in the in business as a young man. He began his career at Eucatex where his father was the former president of the company. Also, most of his family members played different roles at the company which shows that Flavio Maluf came from a business-oriented family and this is one of the reasons he developed the interest and the urge to be involved in the business. View crunchbase.com to learn more.

Today, he has been in a position to serve in different positions for various companies where he has contributed in making their success stories. Besides, he has also gone ahead to create an online website where he advise both existing and prospective entrepreneurs on the matters of business. He is committed to making efforts that can help other people in the business to realize their dreams and make maximum returns from their investments. Due to Flavio Maluf’s reputation, his father called appointed him to run Eucatex Company where he has been the president for many years until today.

As an expert in business, Flavio Maluf is focused on the development of Brazil’s industrial sector which he believes will, in turn, lead to the growth and development of the country. In one of his recent publications, he talks about the tax incentives programs as one of the factors that would assist in promoting the development of the country. He says that tax burdens are one of the challenges facing the Brazilian industries. He also believes that tax incentives should be given to the companies, so the money that is given to the government as tax is used by the companies to promote the development of the country by improving the living standards of people.

The companies can use the money to contribute to community’s welfare such as sponsorships and supporting charitable institutions such as children’s home. Besides, th

e companies can also use the money to construct recreation sites and support sports among others. In this way, the industries will also be in a position to build them an excellent reputation in the society.

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