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There are a number of people who were not surprised by the new nomination to the Federal Aviation Administration’s new Management Advisory Council. The appointment comes after many years working alongside some important airline and aviation figures. Dick DeVos is that nominee who accepted his appointment with a huge smile and gratitude towards the aviation industry. He has been waiting to do something that truly speaks to him for awhile, and it’s great to see that he has chosen to do public work instead of profit.


DeVoS is probably one of the top businessmen in Florida. He has a keen business acumen with a history of leading two multimillion dollar companies, including Amway and The Windquest Group. Throughout the 1990s, he was influential in building Grand Rapids up as a business travel destination with a lot of extras inside of their downtown communities. Grand Rapids has really cleaned up over the years. Part of the success has been through smart city planning and business initiatives. Some of that came from Grand Action, a committee created by business leaders in the Grand Rapids area, but it was funded in a large part by the Dick & Betsy DeVos impression.


There have been those who don’t understand the appointment because they don’t know DeVos’ history with Gerald R. Ford Airport and convincing other airlines to add new products to their terminals. DeVos began working with the airport in late 1999, as the airport had just launched and was already in decline. DeVos looked for a way to make a change and get the airport in advertising as well. He worked with the CEO of Air Tran Airways to add a ton of terminals after the re-launch, including Orlando, St. Lewis, Denver, and Vegas.


The new locations have helped so many travelers coming from out-of-the-country that it has been dubbed cumbersome, but is necessary to help prevent abuse cases. There are also those who say that Trump has updated an important power couple.


DeVos worked with the CEO of Southwest as well, trying to resolve some of the issues that were facing airports in the early 2010s, as booking online became the most popular way to book a flight. DeVos wanted to make sure that Southwest was a staple at the airport, which had several airlines for passengers to pick from.


One of the ways that DeVos has been garnering attention is through his education reform plans. Taking a bit from his wife, he has been able to help the airport look incredibly modernized and light, compared to the dark wood walls after before.


The council will meet every three months to discuss and provide evidence that supports each option. It will be interesting to note whether the council agrees with some of the policies put forth by the council, as they are a civilian council.


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