Flavio Maluf and Work Achievements

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Duratex and Eucatex have both verified that they’re planning on conducting business in the middle of distinctive entities. Eucatex is going to offer a Capão Bonito farm. It’s going to get something back for that, too. The firm is going to receive narrow wood sheet production assistance. This production takes place in Botucatu, a southeastern Brazil city. Duratex plans on remaining with the farm for raw material production purposes. It’s going to remain right by Duratex’sItapetinga center. Itapetinga is a Bahia municipality that’s in the large country’s northeastern section. The business has a foundation that has a worth of roughly $60 million real. “Real” is the name of Brazil’s currency. Read more on Business and Economics about Flavio Maluf

Botucatu’s factory has approximately 280 workers in total. Its annual production is thought to be 200,000 cubic meters (m³). Duratex is opting to continue operations through its Itapetinga plant. The plant’s brand new processes were set to start in the spring of 2018.

Eucatex’s President is named Flavio Maluf. He communicated with his firm regarding the introduction of this merging. He indicated that the effort is going to get the “OK” from the Administrative Council for Economic Defense or “CADE” in Brasilia.

Maluf is Eucatex’s hard-working Chief Executive Officer. He’s a famed businessman in Brazil and has been for quite a long stretch of time now. He’s been a big part of the Eucatex team since the end of the nineties. Eucatex has been in existence since the beginning of the fifties. It’s a family-operated business. Maluf is undoubtedly a person who believes in reaching for the stars while on the job. He thinks that professionals in this world could achieve a lot more by making a few simple adjustments and tweaks. He thinks that professionals could benefit from doing away with chitchat that has the ability to take up so much energy and time. He thinks that they could get a lot out of doing away with brief breaks, too. Maluf wants all professionals to concentrate on the tasks that are in front of them. He wants them to steer clear of mobile devices any time they’re busy.

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