Shaq Towers: Boraie Development Project

May 16, 2018 | By tallbirdy | 0 Comments

Shaq towers as people call it is a project that has high housing and it is located in Newark. This project, being the latest in Newark and it’s by Boraie development and Shaquille O’Neal who is an NBA superstar. The ceremony that was held and attended by Newark mayor, O’Neal, Governer Phil Murphy and developers who were Wasseen and Omar Boraie. It is an example that will lead to public and private sectors to be able to work together so that they can be able to bring progress, especially in urban centers.According to the governor Phil Murphy, the project has been a great milestone and a stepping stone for Newark. The ceremony was a special day for New Jersey and mostly for Newark people. The project has shown that the city is rising without the doubt. Newark is now a city that has a trajectory which is undeniable.When O’Neal took the stage during the ceremony, he said that projects that are familiar to the one are not mostly private and public as personally, they are. Being born and raised in the city, he has much love for the city. You can visit for more info.



He gave the city many thanks for their efforts they have contributed together with Boraie development. He referred it as Kobe Bryant development. He has taken a long time to come back to the city but he is happy when he comes and sees everybody.The building was to be completed in a year and the expectations were for full occupation of the building in the summertime. The intention of project construction was to make it price affordable and luxury. The people can be able to access everything that the city can be able to offer. O’Neal told the people he will be back to occupy the whole top floor by himself. The building is estimated to use $79 million.What motivated O’Neal to come back and invest in the city is her mother. He remembered in 1992 when he had come to visit his relatives her mother told her the way she could remember the city as being beautiful. She thought and wanted somebody to come back and invest in the city so that it can become beautiful again. He was then given a chest elbow as if she told him to be the one.Goldman Sach has been investing over $600 million for the city using different projects and now it wants to invest in the project. For more details you can visit


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