Planning Tips for Your Next Corporate Event or Fund-Raiser

May 9, 2018 | By tallbirdy | 0 Comments

“Their nimble team understood our style and audience requirements and their thoughtful execution ensured all details were addressed both before and during the event.” wrote Matt Ludwig of Google about a conference organized by Twenty-Three Layers Event Management Service. Matt was happy and relieved that the event promoted his company’s brand. Relieved, because most corporations, brides, and hostesses worry that something will go wrong at a conference, fundraiser, or wedding that will tarnish their reputation.


Lifestyle blogger, Camille Styles, wrote an article for HGTV suggesting ways we can approach party planning and put our worries, of something going wrong, aside. In the post, “Secrets from a Party Planner” she suggests the following:

1) take the time to plan your event,

2) organize with lists (shopping list, guest list, master task list), 3) have a theme for the party,

4) mail your invitations, it’s unique,

5) offering one specialty concoction will make an impression on your guests,

6) present a range of simple appetizers as this gives guests a variety of tastes,

7) remember the host/hostess sets the tone for the party, the more relaxed and casual you are, the more comfortable your guests, and

8) party favors are always appreciated by your guests.


While many of us can follow these suggestions to create a memorable party in our homes, it is more challenging for the executive assigned the task of organizing an annual dinner or fund-raising event. Many turn to event planners. When looking for an event planning company NYC, search for one that is organized, has time management and people skills, is resourceful and able to resolve unexpected issues quickly and with poise, pays attention to detail and has an enthusiastic passion for designing and running events.


These are all qualities owned by the team at Twenty Three Layers. Headed by Jessica Boskoff, Twenty Three Layers, provides event planning, production, and design for events of all sizes for corporations, families, and individuals. Known for creating memories that your guests will talk about long after the event, Twenty Three Layers makes it easy, taking care of all the details so you can focus on being a relaxed host/hostess. Their work is captured in the words of James Kinney at Kinney Group Creative: “Twenty Three Layers delivers depth and detail. We depend on (Jessica Boskoff) for advice and trust her with our diverse client base. She is one of the best corporate event planners NYC.”


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