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Jeff L Yastine, well known as JL, schooled at the University of Florida. He currently resides in Florida, Delray Beach, US. In 2015, he joined Banyan Hill Publishing where he is the current editorial director. This move was of great benefit to Banyan because it is then that it became popular. The fame is attributed to the experience, skills and immense knowledge in the field of finance that Jeff Yastine brought to the company. He carried out his duties with the high professionalism thus moving Banyan to greater heights. Before joining Banyan, he was a stock investor and a finance journalist. These jobs exposed him greatly and he learned as much as he could. He knew well that he had to interact with many people to get significant job opportunities and he did so. He was able to acquire knowledge and tips that have helped him improve his skills in business. Read this article at Seeking Alpha

In his career, he is an expert in investments and business. These are the two fields that excite him the most. He has had opportunities to work with different business professionals which quells his desire to become a better business expert. It is through his daily and weekly posts on the Banyan that he can share with his readers his experiences and skills that educate them on matters pertaining investments and business. He shares his articles on the same through and Facebook. Jeff’s reporting has helped people to identify investment opportunities that are a success. They also helped inform investors about the crisis experienced in the mid-2000s. He received the Emmy nomination for his excellent investigation work. Visit:

His fame escalated when he released a video that went viral on the internet regarding Kennedy accounts. In the video, he said that these accounts were created by John F Kennedy with an objective of getting America back on the move. Banyan believes that the Kennedy accounts are a real deal and not a scam. In one of his articles on, Yasmine stated that cybersecurity is a gold mine for the investors. “Many people need their computers safe; this has increased the demand for people with the skills to do it,” he reported. Also, from one of his articles on Facebook, he believes that eBay can be a higher competitor of Amazon. He says that if Google buys eBay to it can successfully compete with Amazon. Learn more about Jeff Yastine at Release Fact.



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