Building A Real Estate Empire In His Own Way Is Made Simple With Hussain Sajwani

April 10, 2018 | By tallbirdy | 0 Comments

In 2016, the United Arab Emirates luxury real estate developer, Hussain Sajwani found himself the center of global media attention when then President-Elect Donald Trump complimented both he and his family for their work and support over the course of the campaign. The Emirati citizen had developed a close working relationship with members of the Trump Organization as they created two golf courses on the outskirts of Dubai which have won awards for their layout and the high quality of service being offered at these Beverly Hills style resort properties.


For Hussain Sajwani the arrival on the global stage came after the son of a middle-class watch seller was a shocking one but one which had been in the making for four decades. The DAMAC owner knew he wanted more from life than to join the family watch selling business and instead set out for the U.S. to study for a business major after abandoning a scholarship to attend medical school.


His studies in the U.S. would eventually lead to Hussain Sajwani creating his own food services business which he developed over the course of the mid-80s when he was in the process of developing the DAMAC brand. Hussain Sajwani has been developing his own business ideas over the course of the last four decades and found himself moving into the hotel industry when tourists from the former Soviet Union began making their way to the Middle East for vacations.


Although much of his business activities are interested in moving the luxury real estate business of DAMAC Properties out of Dubai and into global capital, Hussain Sajwani has recently been developing the area on the outskirts of the desert city known as Dubailand. The DAMAC owner has developed his relationship with President Donald Trump to such an extent that he is now holding a $2 billion contract to extend the partnership between the two beyond the current two golf course-themed resorts which have already been created in conjunction with the Trump brand.


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