Paul Mampilly: Why you should not invest in Bitcoin

April 2, 2018 | By tallbirdy | 0 Comments

Paul Mampilly thinks the idea of investing in Bitcoin is flawed. Who is Paul Mampilly to make such a statement you may ask? Paul Mampilly is an American investment guru who has been in the industry for over 25 years. He has experience working with the best hedge funds in the country among other prominent financial institution across Europe. Follow Paul Mampilly on Twitter.

Paul Mampilly believes that there is need to make an investment that is well thought out. This is where people have been going wrong. Many people jump into stock investments when they hear from the media stations or when they hear from their friends and colleagues. By the time such news are reaching you as an investor, the prices of the stock have gone up so much that it has attracted the attention of the media.

When you jump into such an investment, you will find yourself in a position where it is hard to make any good return. First of all, you are joining the market after process have already increased significantly. The more the prices are high, the more the risk involved. The best opportunities are these which involve small caps companies which are at the beginning stages. When you spot such an opportunity, you will be able to make good returns as you will ride up the prices with minimal risk.

Paul Mampilly suggests a similar type of investment strategy. However, some people will enter a stock at any point without finding out if this is the best level that a stock may have reached. With the stock market, you can enter into a trade just when the prices have reached the top. In such a case, you will only make losses. The right time to invest is right before an investment explodes and goes up rapidly.

A good real-life scenario that is happening right now is the Bitcoin investment. Already many investors had joined the investment when the prices were already too high. As of now, early 2018, they are struggling with their Investments because they are in deep losses. Those who bought Bitcoin at the end of 2017, are counting losses because the prices have gone down by almost a half.

Paul Mampilly is telling investors to get out of their investments before they blow up everything and leave them with nothing. Bitcoin investment is a bubble that cannot be sustained. If investors are not careful, they will lose all their investments in the deal. For more information, visit:



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