Felipe Montoro Jens, reports Brazil’s plan to implement PPI

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Brazil has been in an economic recession dating back to 2014. The Brazilian government has been entertaining different ways to stimulate the stagnated economy of Brazil. With a population of over 207 million, Brazil has the seventh largest economy in world. While the unemployment rate is down from its peak of 13.7% in April of 2017, to 12.2 as of January 2018, Brazil still needs innovative ways to stimulate the economy and decrease the unemployment rate. Read this article at negocioemfoco.com.

The government of Brazil has announced a plan to work with the private sector, in an effort to implement 57 projects, in 22 sectors across the country. These 57 projects where initially government funded projects. The Brazilian government announced plans to create a PPI or Investment Partnership Program, which it is projected to stimulate a 44 Billion Brazilian Real investment.

Felipe Montoro reported, the Brazilian government announced the PPI Investment Partnership Program. This PPI is projected ot initiate construction towards the second half of the 2018 year. Apparently 49% of the private companies are showing interest in the program. According to Felipe Motoro Jens, Congonhas airport auction, in Sau Paulo, Confis airports (Belo Horizonte), Galeao (Rio de Janeiro) and Guarulhos (Sau Paulo) are included.

According to Brazil’s Minter of Transportation, there is a huge portion of this investment dedicate to infrastructure. The BR-153 highway, a 631 Kilometer highway, that connects the city of Anapolis (GO) and Alianca (TO) is on the list of the 57 projects to get a makeover. With the current President of Brazil, Michel Temer’s Presidential term ending soon, the bidding on these projects are not set to take place until the end of President Temer’s term. In addition to BR-153 highway, Felipe Montoro, also reported BR-364, between Comodoro (MT) and Porto Velho (RO) 800 kilometers will be part of the infrastructure project. This move should create lots of jobs, both and public and private sectors.

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