Talk Fusion Has A Plan To Give Users Even More Power With Its Video Suite Interface

March 19, 2018 | By tallbirdy | 0 Comments

Talk Fusion has made true on a promise they mentioned at a 2016 awards ceremony that their video chat and email application development was only the beginning. They’ve now added improvements to a desktop video app compatible with Windows 10 and other operating systems that increases sharing desktop capabilities to go with video streaming and high voice quality. What CEO Bob Reina says about the product is not only is its interface more advanced and more capable than previous versions, but it also is able to analyze its user and adapt to its need. Talk Fusion’s products have gained popularity because just about anyone can use them with any browser and don’t have to download plugins or large software to do so.


Bob Reina, a Tampa, FL resident was vacationing in North Carolina when he got the initial idea that led to Talk Fusion. He was formerly in law enforcement and had decided to embark on his own business journey back in the 1990s, but he still was looking for a dynamic new idea that could do more than what the previous companies he had worked for had done. While on this vacation trip, he took videos of a house and wanted to send them in an email, but his email service at AOL would not allow it. He realized most video files as they were could not be sent via email, so he and a friend decided to create software that could do it. In three years, Reina and Dr. Jonathan Chen, the current Director of IT had built Talk Fusion’s first software that allowed users to create videos and send them to an email recipient.


Talk Fusion still markets its video email software, but it’s also added video newsletters, large group broadcasting software, a chat app and signup forms for website owners. What’s made Talk Fusion popular is how it’s sold these products through associates which are people who create links to Talk Fusion products and earn commissions each time they make a sale. But customers also benefit from free trials that allow them to fully use every Talk Fusion product for 30 days with no obligation to signup for a long-term contract. Talk Fusion offers associates a philanthropy opportunity to give one Talk Fusion premium account away to a charity. Some of Talk Fusion’s biggest beneficiaries are animal rescue agencies which Reina himself supports, but many other humanitarian aid groups also have helped by Talk Fusion’s software.¬†Learn more:¬†


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