Ian King Gives Banyan Hill’s Readers An Enlightenment on Cryptoasset.

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Ian King is a renown cryptocurrency guru and an investor. Ian joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017, where he is currently working as a contributing editor. He is very knowledgeable on the subject of cryptocurrency and crypto asset markets, he will be able to help the Banyan Hill readers get more understanding on the subject. He contributions are weekly on Sovereign Investor Daily, one of Banyan Hill’s publications. Through his weekly contributions, readers will be updated on the upcoming crypto developments.

Ian King has also been working on an investment advisory and a crypto trading course for Banyan Hill readers. Other than that he has developed other innovative programs meant to assist investors to navigate through the available crypto assets. He also writes in other platforms such Medium, on the cryptocurrency subject.

Ian King has been trader and analyzer of financial markets for over 20 years. In the long run, Ian developed an interest in crypto asset market making him rise to be one of the top contributors in digital currency and assets. Read more on Ian King’s private conversation at cryptoprofitsummit.com

Ian began his career in mortgage trading department at Salomon Brothers ’, immediately after college. Later on, he moved to Citigroup in the credit derivatives sector, before joining a New York-based hedge fund, Peahi Capital where he worked as the head trader for ten years. In 2008, Ian and his team made a total return of 339%.

It is then Ian realized how he always delighted in helping investors make huge profits, sometimes up to 5,000% in a single trade. He then decided to leave Wall Street and venture in investing. Then, his eyes opened to cryptocurrency, which he has been investing and trading on since then, as well as enlighten people on the same.

Recently, Ian published an article explaining the new term in the crypto world, cryptocorn. This is an invention of the term unicorn, used by venture capitalists to explain the rarity of startups which have reached a $1 billion valuation. However, today such companies are on the rise with a count of 276 of them which have reached the billion-dollar line. Some of these companies have made returns of over 400%, but these investments are only limited to venture capitalists and big investors.


in the crypto world, large returns have been made by the likes of Bitcoin which has posted a gain of 1,485% in the last few years. Ethereum too has made a huge rise of 12,822% since its conception in 2013. Entrepreneurs are now diverting to blockchain technology to give a solution to real-life problems, using new capital ideas different from the traditional investors.

This has brought to the rise of cryptocorn, the new type of unicorn startup. In 2017 bitcoin was the only one standing the cryptocorn level. View Source:http://www.talkmarkets.com/contributor/Ian-King/


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