Expertise Of Samuel Strauch

March 10, 2018 | By tallbirdy | 0 Comments

Samuel Strauch is the Principal at the Metrik Real Estate firm. He worked hard to get to this position. He has been proven to be successful in many different areas of the real estate business and has helped his company grow.

Samuel Strauch studied at the Hofsta University in New York where he earned an undergraduate degree in business. He continued his studies and attended both Eramus University and Harvard University.

When Samuel Strauch completed his education he started out in the banking industry. He then decided to join the family real estate business in Florida. In 2002 Samuel Strauch decided to use his knowledge and experience to start his own business. His own company is able to source, develop, and manage brokerages of real estate in Miami as well as Latin American.

In addition to working in the real estate business Samuel Strauch is an active investor in several other fields. He invests in internet businesses as well as the restaurant industry. Samuel collects and sells artwork as well as photography.

When a person is looking for the best real estate service they should contact Samuel Strauch. His knowledge about the industry and the world of business will help a person make the right real estate investment.



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