Making the Marks with Securus

February 27, 2018 | By tallbirdy | 0 Comments

GovPayNet, a company that is based in Indiana and has been in business for over two decades, has been acquired by Securus Technologies. The companies are excited to join forces, in hopes that it will bring new technology to the corrections industry, much quicker. GovPayNet currently specializes in processing payments on behalf of governmental agencies. From traffic citations to cash bail payments, and everything in-between; the company works with thousands of agencies and processes millions of payments each year. Securus Technologies is best known for providing support services to correctional facility management. Among the top services for its internal customers are, management software, and monitoring of inmate communications both within and outside of the facilities.


JPay, another recently acquired company, also specializes in financial services. The company funds inmate accounts through prepaid services, and money wiring. JPay has also recently begun testing of the new technology known as wireless containment systems. These devices act as a cell tower; however, they block communications, rather than connecting calls to their rightful network. This technology is much anticipated, as many crimes have been committed using these devices. JPay also started a program to make tablet computers available for purchase by inmates. The tablets give inmates entertainment and educational opportunities to better themselves.


With all the new technology surfacing, Securus remains committed to making its customers a priority. The company has been able to reduce the cost of staying in touch. By offering lower rates on calling plans, and alternative communication options; Securus remains the industry leader in both technology and customer service. Customers have been so impressed; the company has an over 95 percent customer satisfaction rating. This is an impressive statistic for any company. The Better Business Bureau has also noticed Securus’ hard work and gave it full accreditation, along with an “A+” rating. With so much going on, Securus Technologies not only pleases, they’re clearly making the grade as well.



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