Matt Badiali’s Investment Advice For 2018

January 17, 2018 | By tallbirdy | 0 Comments

An article titled “my prediction for 2018-this forgotten metal will soar” is about Matt Badiali’s prediction for 2018. Like other contributors at Banyan publishing, Badiali is endowed with a high level of intelligence with regard to investments. In this article, Badiali advises his readers about the metal that he believes would do better in the year 2018. Matt Badiali states that for most metals, their demand must be above the supply. He points out that the same case would not apply to the platinum. The six-year trend of the platinum metal shows that the price of platinum had maintained a decline since 2016. The price could only manage a brief rebound before the prices fell again in line with the declining trend.

Matt Badiali believed that the trend would change in 2018. He observed that the demand and supply were almost even in 2017. He also believes that there is no way supply would manage to keep up with demand, hence the small deficit would be witnessed at the end of 2017 would change in 2018. Matt Badiali refers to the prediction by world platinum investment council that the demand for the matt would rise by 2 %. The same group predicted that the supply of the platinum metal would decline by 1%.

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The extremely low prices of platinum would likely discourage suppliers from selling their metals hence leading an increase in its prices. Another reason that Matt Badiali believes would lead to the increased prices is the issue of sentiments. People would expect prices to remain low hence only a few people would invest in the metal. The number of suppliers would be down leading to increased prices. Therefore, any investor who wishes to make money from these prediction and expected trends are advised by Matt Badiali to take advantage of the free advice and invest in platinum.

About Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali graduated with bachelors of Science in Earth science from Penn State University. He also holds masters in Geology from the Florida Atlantic University. He worked as a consultant and a geologist with an environmental firm before joining the Banyan Hill. Matts background in geology enables him to identify issues affecting drilling hence seeking the best ways to minimize the effects of such influence to optimize the drilling process. Matt Badiali believes that it is only possible to know what is happening when you get close and interact with the situation. He has worked in various locations including Switzerland, Turkey, Haiti, Singapore, Hong Kong, Iraq, and New Guinea among others.



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