“Malcolm Casselle: The King of Cryptocurrency!”

December 8, 2017 | By tallbirdy | 0 Comments
The gaming industry has become revolutionized with the latest most innovative gaming platform on the market. The World Asset Exchange more commonly known as WAX is a virtual place that gamers from all over the world can come together for a fraction of the cost through the procurement of tokens that are used as currency to make purchases but at substantially less market price value. Those consumers who have acquired virtual property can invest to increase their holdings through a centralized exchange. Centralized exchange is a capital platform that is unified and cuts out all competitors. Each of the exchanges listed securities has only one available currency rate in which to purchase from. In this way, the Bitcoin is monitored by its own system.

The great accomplishment of the World Asset Exchange has been accredited to its President, Malcolm Casselle, who has an extensive background experience in the digital assets trade. His innovative approach and vast acumen has taken the gaming industry by storm. Malcolm’s career has encompassed all levels of the online marketing platforms including data application, video production, online gaming, interactive software, marketing, distribution, capital venturist, start-up investments and cryptocurrency trading. Casselle received his formal education at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he earned his bachelors of Science degree in computer technology. He also attended Stanford University where he holds a second degree in the same area.

On a personal level, he’s just as driven and accomplished as his professional portfolio. Malcolm fluently speaks both Japanese and Mandarin. He has spent a vast amount of time living and negotiating business in the countries of London, Beijing, Hong Kong and Tokyo. He’s proficient in mixed martial arts and is an artist with mediums in painting, sketching, music production and video making. He’s passionate about alternative natural health practices and homeopathic medicines.

The World Access Exchange is an e-commerce business that brings real-life physical assets such as valuable art or a collector’s item online amalgamating sellers, buyers, brokers, collectors, artists and performers together in one place. WAX is considered among its constituents as being a state-of-the-art facility.


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