Todd Lubar, Entrepreneur and Dream Maker

September 29, 2017 | By tallbirdy | 0 Comments

In today’s world the realm of real estate can be, at times, quite inhospitable and cold. To those who have not made it a life career to wade into that field of commerce and with all of the real estate finding websites and lending institutions as well as mortgage brokers it can be extremely difficult to even find a heading and get your bearings. It can be a long and exhausting pathway when you would like to acquire real estate.

These times are when professionals like Todd Lubar stand out and shine like a star in the night sky. Since 1995 Todd has been working within the real estate sector, mastering his craft and building the relationships with other professionals such as CPAs, Real Estate Agents and more. He has built the bridges necessary to make real estate as easy as it can be.

According to, it began in 1999 when Todd, already budding in the industry of real estate, made huge advancements by acquiring an equity position with the Legacy Financial Group. This was a massive step forward as it opened many doors for him and for his clients as well. His next large step would come in 2002 when he decided to go one step beyond and open his own residential development company, Legendary Properties LLC.

After working in the sector for 12 years Todd saw a way he could serve a specific niche of clients that were not getting adequate representation. It was then that Legendary Financial LLC, an affiliate of Legendary Properties. This new installation allowed for Lubar to be able to lend to both individuals as well as companies where previously he could not, enabling many to acquire homes that would otherwise be unable.

As the global markets began to shift and change in 2007 as well as 2008, Todd entered into some other markets such as commercial demolition and was then able to acquire some seriously hefty contracts from some of the largest general contractors available in the country. He also was part of an automotive scrap metal reclamation company that was so successful it eventually began to be traded on the open market. Todd Lubar has an active Facebook account that you can follow.


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