Jose Auriemo Neto Takes JHSF to Greater Heights

JHSF is a leading real estate company in Brazil. It’s Brazil’s first real estate company to prioritize recurrent income assets such as hotels, airports, and shopping malls. Besides operating in the Brazilian market, JHSF has interest in countries such as Uruguay and the United States. Since its inception in 1972, JHSF has developed over 6 million square meters of real estate projects. Today, it’s valued at R$1.20 billion. JHSF specializes in construction and real estate development.

In 2001, JHSF opened the shopping center segment. It developed Shopping Metrô Santa Cruz in São Paulo, the first shopping mall in Brazil with a subway station. Again, JHSF became the majority shareholder of Fasano Group’s hotels. In 2010, JHSF was involved in the negotiations during the sale of Shopping Metrô Santa Cruz. In 2014, JHSF inaugurated Catarina Fashion Outlet, Brazil’s first outlet in the luxury market. Catarina Fashion Outlet is part of a project that includes São Paulo Catarina Executive Airport, Brazil’s first private airport for executive aviation. In the fall of 2014, Eduardo Camara, the Vice President of JHSF took over as the company’s Chief Executive Officer while Jose Auriemo became its Chairman of Board of Directors.

About Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo serves as the Chairman and CEO of JHSF, a real estate company specializing in residential and commercial properties development in Brazil. Besides overseeing JHSF’s interests in hotels and office building, Auriemo manages its extensive shopping and retail portfolio. He also administers JHSF’s Cidade Jardim shopping complex in Sao Paulo. Amid increased growth of Brazil’s economic market, two projects are underway in the Sao Paulo district.

In 2009, Aureimo led JHSF into its first venture in retail, entering into partnerships with Pucci, Jimmy Choo, and Hermes. He also initiated the opening of JHSF’s first retail outlet at Cidade Jardim shopping complex. In 2012, JHSF signed an exclusive partnership agreement with Valentino, launching the first Valentino stores in Brazil. Areumio Neto is an alumnus of FAAP University in Sao Paulo. He began working for JHSF in 1993 upon graduating from the university.

Jeremy Goldstein Law Career

Getting a reliable lawyer to handle a child customer matter, criminal issue, writing of a will or any other legal activity is not easy. The modern market is full of individuals who claim to be lawyers, but they cannot deliver the kind of results a client is looking for.


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The prestigious New York State Bar Association has decided to entrust the famous Lawyer Referral and Information Service with this activity. According to a recent report, the LRIS will soon be launching an online portal where the people looking for lawyers will get help. The report claims that the service will be confidential, and the customers will access it twenty-four hours every day. Consumers who love the LRIS telephone service can choose to continue with it too.


The LRIS founders understand the importance of lawyers in the society. These qualified professionals can be of great help when a client is stressed because of legal activities. Thanks to the new service, consumers in New York can have confidence that their matters will be matched with the right candidate. The lawyers in the State Bar Association are highly experienced, and all their credentials have to be verified by the proper authorities.


Thanks to the qualification of the lawyers, customers in New York have something to smile about. The professionals they get through the online portal will charge reasonable prices for their service. All the matters discussed will be kept confidential at all times to protect the lives of the clients.


Jeremy Goldstein is among the best lawyers in the world. Goldstein has represented very many individuals in the past through his law firm, known as Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates. The successful attorney has earned a lot of expertise and experience over the years, and he is considered to be among the best attorneys in the United States.


Jeremy Goldstein has done well in his career because of several reasons. First of all, he is very passionate about his job, and this ensures that he performs well. His educational background has played a key role in his success. Goldstein went to some of the best law schools in the globe, and this has helped him a lot.


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Securus Technologies – Giving Incarcerated People Better Lives

Innovation is the key to success in any industry, and same is the case with the Securus Technologies in the correctional industry. The company has emphasized innovation and development from the day one, which has helped the company to devise some of the most phenomenal products and services in the industry. Its services are used by more than two thousand law enforcement and correctional agencies in more than forty-four states in the United States.



Moreover, Securus Technologies also provides inmate communications, correctional technology, and other ancillary services and products to correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies in District of Columbia and Canada as well. The company is focused on innovation and research and development can be seen in the fact that it has close to 67 patents on its name in the correctional sphere. The company has also applied for 40 other patients that are waiting to be approved by the concerned authorities.



Securus Technologies started its operations in the year 1986, and since then has completely changed the way the correctional industry works. It believes in providing better lives to the people who are incarcerated. The company believes that with the help of advanced technology, it is possible to make the lives of the individuals who are incarcerated and their families, much better. It is because the inmate communications help them stay in contact, and over the years, such technology has kept thousands of family connected, which in the otherwise case may have fallen apart over the years.



Securus Technologies is also a leader in offering advanced investigative services and solutions, which has enabled the law enforcement agencies and personnel to increase their readiness and promptness when it comes to responding to threats and alerts. It helps them stay alive and get better results in the line of duty, and has potentially saved hundreds and thousands of lives over the years.



Omar Boraie Development According to Central Jersey Working Moms

Boraie Development LLC is a private company investment that has its headquarters in Brunswick NJ. The company was started in 1986 having properties and warehouses in New Jersey. They have a total of 35 staff members and make revenue of nearly 10 million dollars annually.

The Boraie Development is a family company that is owned by Omar Boraie who is a visionary businessman. He has led the company for more than 40 years, and he is currently expanding the business boundaries by establishing the Aspire brand that will be proud to be holding luxurious residential houses. It was his dream for many years to come up with this kind of significant development, and he will soon be happy to have achieved it.

Leaders of the company say that the Aspire dream seemed to be unattainable. Omar wanted to come up with New Brunswick with a touch of European concept. He had seen a lot of European designs when he was studying there in the continent. With his dream achieved, he is very grateful to his supporters for being with him in the building of structures. There is now a new look of the town, new culture, theatres, hotels, and homes.

The urban cities have been refurbished and redesigned to attract people to the towns. When he came back from Europe, he reshaped the outlook of New Brunswick. He came up with tall buildings that could be used as offices and condos in the Albany Street Plaza Tower in between 1980 and 1990. The city is now well planned and has an excellent layout that is appealing. A lot of well-designed spaces and open offices have been created. New professionals have come to the city, and it is now very lively. Doctors, firefighters, lawyers, police officers, teachers, and nurses are among the people coming into the city. Employment has been created since businesspeople are streaming into the town opening large firms. Visit Fundacity for more info.

The son of Omar is the vice-president of the business, and he is contributing positively to the company. He proposed the demolition and rebuilding of old sites to new decent neighborhoods. Condos were built with hostels too, and they attracted 400 students into their properties.

New Brunswick is now sophisticated having a full range of labor. Boraie Development has the best rental apartments and is setting the pace for other private developers. They conform very well with the needs and wants of the residents there. Aspire is fixing the trend since it is the best and beautiful apartment in the entire New Brunswick area that has affordable rates.

Content reference: The Visions of Omar Boraie, published through Central Jersey Working Moms.

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Traveling Vineyard – Legitimate Home-Business For Wine Enthusiasts

Napa is famous worldwide for its fine wine developed from the best wine grapes that nature can provide. Its tasting occasions permit wine fans to taste the finest wine. Wine guides at Traveling Vineyard who get the chance to go to Napa, make the best from that experience. In addition to wine sampling, the guides also get the chance to walk around the Napa Art Walk exhibition which highlights stunning models.

They also pay a visit to the Napa Valley Historical Society the place they delve into the Napa historical details, visit the Round Pond Estate the place they take in the whole procedure of making olive oils, polish on culinary skills at Silverado Cooking School before later enjoying a meal which they prepared. Wine guides at Traveling Vineyard can select to enjoy in a pampering part at the Auberge spa or appreciate the open air thrill when climbing Mount St. Helena while exploring Robert Louis Stevenson State Park. These are a portion of the benefits that accompany being a Wine Guide at Traveling Vineyards

Plan of action
Traveling Vineyard is a straightforward sales business which advertises its wine via customized wine sampling parties that are served by wine guides. Also, wine lovers get a chance to have wine sampling at their homes. This gives a great experience to test, increase information on fine wine, and make a buy from an assortment of fine wine and their embellishments at a fair market cost. The price of joining is $175, and this is comprehensive of a success unit that comes with everything to kick you off. That bundle likewise incorporates a free personal site for three months that come with extra training, recordings, and a bookkeeping programming to track your requests.

Commission varies from 15% to 35% and depends on month to month sales volumes whereby the payment is conducted via direct deposit. You can acquire through various methods which entail home tasting events, monthly wine club sales, online sales and through establishing a team. Traveling Vineyard has a solid media presence on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook where there are 32,549 followers and 44,000 like.