Marc Sparks Gives Entrepreneurs a Different Way to Look at Business

Marc Sparks has lived a rather full life. He has emerged himself in the process of building and investing in businesses. He is a man of faith, and one of his favorite verses, as listed on his website, is from Luke 12:48. I find this interesting that a business man would share his faith, but Marc is certainly a believer that much will be required of those who have given much.Learn more :

I think that Marc is an amazing guy that has been given much so I am totally aware of his desire to also give back to others. He has done this giving back through the Highland Park United Methodist Church. He has also done this by giving back to the Samaritan Inn and Habitat for Humanity. I think that it is amazing that Marc has not stopped there. He has also given back to people through his books and blogs.Learn more :

What Marc Sparks had done is essentially give business owners a much needed road map for navigating their businesses in the right way. He has managed to do some interesting things in the business world. Sparks has created a helpful resource in the form of a book called “They Can’t Eat You.” Marc Sparks has called this an unorthodox path to what he knows and believes to be a road to success. The Timber Creek Capital company is where he has built his great success, but that is just a small part of his investments.

Marc Sparks has made a lot of other people successful by helping them pursue their dreams. He has become the person that helps people realize those things that may not even seem like a reality. This is what he has been able to do with his Spark Tank challenge that he started. I certainly believe that he is trying to give people a chance to realize what they need to do. He tells people about venture capitalism. He gives people some advice on how they would be able to make their businesses better while they are competing.

Marc Sparks has certainly helped entrepreneurs rise above the challenges that they face. In some instances he has even invested in businesses that he believes in. This is something that he has done over the years as he has become a serial investor. He has put time and effort in organizations like Mommies in Need and Dogs Matter. These are two organizations that grew from competition in the Spark Tank. He is all about grooming socially conscious entrepreneurs, and I think that this makes the world a better place. Many of these businesses would not get traditional funding, but Marc Sparks is giving these businesses exposure.

How DAMAC and Hussain Sajwanis’ family business succed and contribute to better the world

Hussein Sajwani, current CEO of DAMAC, started off in the food service and catering industry. Starting off in 1982, Hussain Sajwani’s catering company in Dubai served workers in the energy sector, and later on served the US during Operation Desert Storm. Later on in 2002, DAMAC expanded into the real estate arena to meet the demand of those visiting the United Arab Emirates on business trips.

DAMAC built world class hotels and luxury apartments and even built one around one of Donald Trump’s golf courses. Yes, at one point, DAMAC collaborated with the Trump family’s real estate company and built a hotel around Trump’s golf course. Learn more about DAMAC owner:

However, since Trump is in Office and isn’t running his family business, his children, Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric who have been left in charge are, and still maintain ties with DAMAC.

Hussain Sajwani’s daughter is close friends with Ivanka, and the two keep in contact with each other by way of social media. After Trump’s victory in last year’s election, Hussain Sajwani and his family visted Trump at their victory New Year’s Eve party. Shortly after the New Year, DAMAC offer Trump $2 billion in some sort of business deal, but Trump backed out of it.

DAMAC has uses it’s wealth to help those in need. Hussain Sajwani donated AED 2 million to a campaign to clothe children around the world. Hussain Sajwani’s donation will help more than 50,000 children in need. The campaign , started in collaboration with Emirates Red Crescent in 1982, just a year after DAMAC was founded, raised a whooping AED 120 million so far.

Not only did Hussain Sajwani manage to successfully get those children clothed, but DAMAC itself is going to directly assist those who need help too, right at home. DAMAC has just launched a hospitality division, DAMAC Maisionm which will provide bespoke services to residents in 7,957 serviced hotel apartments.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer: Steering RBS Group Towards Success

In an article on Globo, Duda Melzer, the current chairman of the board of directors and president of RBS Group, is a multitalented serial investor who gained vast experience working locally and overseas. Even after joining the executive management of the family-owned business, the multiple award-winning entrepreneur and manager has continued to enjoy success as an investor. Before joining RBS Group, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer made a name for himself in the corporate world working for some of the leading companies across various industries especially in the United States. It is this experience that he has brought to the company to steer it to greater success.

According to Acaert, in 2001, Duda Melzer was hired as a consultant by Booz Allen & Hamilton where he worked for close to one year. The following, he joined Delphi Corporation as a senior financial analyst before joining serving as the managing director at BoxTop Media from 2002 to 2004. He moved to RBS Group in 2004 as a director general in charge of the company’s domestic market in Brazil. He was later appointed as company vice president in charge of the company’s Brazilian market in 2008. Having gained a lot of experience and insight into the company’s external and internal environment, Duda Melzer took over the helm of the company founded by grandfather in 2016 as the president and chairman. He is currently serving as the chairman at e.Bricks Digital, a company he founded.

Entrepreneurial and Scholarly Endeavors

Successful management of any business, including those owned by families like RBS Group, requires more than experience. A strong academic background is also a key success factor. Duda Melzer is an alumnus of the prestigious Harvard University having graduated with Master of Business Administration from the university. He also holds a Business Administration degree from PUCRS following his graduation in 1988. He is a founder of e.Bricks Digital, an investor in e.Bricks and a partner in Ventures.

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US Money Reserve Hosts A Television Event On Gold Investing

2016 was a year that featured a lot of political debates and national policy discussions, but there were also other debates taking place in the world of economics and business. In particular there were debates featuring investing in gold and silver from the US Money Reserve and a team of financial analysts they hosted on their Gold Summit.

The event featured debate and discussion on the precious metals markets and the importance of investing in them. Hosting the event was former CNN news host Larry King and the son of former President Ronald Reagan, Michael Reagan. Delivering their addresses to the television audience were US Money Reserve President Philip N. Diehl, Master Numismatist John Rothans, and former company executive Brad Castillo.

US Money Reserve’s mission is to educate and encourage Americans to invest in gold and silver when the time is right. In fact the time to do so just might be today because in President Trump’s America with the rumors of war and a lot of unpredictability, world markets could see a lot of unsteadiness combined with hyperinflation.

The US national debt is also a factor and when financial crises become a concern, the best decision is to protect financial assets by investing in a stable asset.

Gold and silver are two precious metals that have been high in value since the beginning of time, and since they are always in demand yet not regulated by a central government authority, they are a good solution for investors. Gold and silver coins are recognized as legal tender by the US government and they can be sold back when the markets become stable again. Gold and silver bricks and bars also have value, but there are risks associated with these assets that coins don’t have.

According to Crunchbase, one reason the US Money Reserve is a good choice for precious metal investing is their Chairman, Philip N. Diehl has in-depth knowledge of currencies having been Director of the US Mint. Diehl helped turn the Mint into a high quality agency and even led the development of its website and customer service platform.

Diehl has taken this expertise to the US Money Reserve as well and has made its most important information readily available for all users. Visitors can navigate the website and find information on transferring their IRA into gold and silver assets, and making purchases is fairly simple through the Client-Connect software. More information can be found at

Bruce Levenson Is Changing Things Up At Do Good Institute

Bruce Levenson is the founder and key trustee of Do Good Institute at the University of Maryland, reports He retired from NBA ownership in 2015 after selling the Atlanta Hawks for $850 million, nearly twice the value they were thought to be prior to the sale. He also had filed a lawsuit against AIG insurance the following year when they refused to issue payouts to a claim regarding former General Manager Danny Ferry’s dispute. At Do Good Institute, Levenson is encouraging students to put their entrepreneurial skills to use to build philanthropic groups and run them like businesses. Levenson believes that many non-profits can succeed with the right leaders and visionaries leading them.

Bruce Levenson grew up in Washington D.C. and began his business career there in journalism. He wrote for the Washington Star for several years, but then while he went to law school he decided to start publishing his own paper. He and Ed Peskowitz started out with a publication titled Oil Express, and as they gained profits they turned their publishing business into a large company named Unified Communications Group. UCG went from the oil industry to technology, banking, healthcare and government regulations news and also became the incubator company for TechTarget. UCG also owns the GasBuddy app. See,

Bruce Levenson decided to become an NBA owner in 2004 and purchased the Atlanta Hawks along with the arena and the stakes in the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers who he sold in 2011. Levenson also was on the Board of Governors during this time, Levenson’s enthusiasm for basketball also led him to help launch Hoop Dreams, a tournament in downtown Washington D.C. for youth basketball players and helped fund private school scholarships. Levenson also is involved with the Holocaust Memorial Museum and supports Jewish activists in BBYO, Seeds of Peace and Birthright Israel.

One Planet Business Notices Professional Excellence in Troy McQuagge

Every year, One Planet Business takes a look at leaders across disparate industries to see how companies are being managed and if they can adapt to the changing demands of the economy. In 2016, Troy McQuagge was recognized for his work with USHEALTH Group and was awarded the CEO of the Year and more information click here.

 Troy McQuagge’s time at USHEALTH Group began with the company’s need to restructure in order to meet the changes in the healthcare market following the introduction of new federal regulations. McQuagge has stuck with the company since then.

McQuagge’s approach to the restructure began with an analysis of USHEALTH Advisors, the main distributor for the whole group. With a top-down reorganization of personnel and resources, McQuagge expanded USHEALTH Advisors financially.

Years after his arrival to USHEALTH Group, McQuagge ha situated himself as an instrumental member of its executive level. This gave him the ability to help the group better compete in what’s one of the most competitive industries in the country, and he’s aware of all the people who help make sure USHEALTH Group succeeds and learn more about Troy.

Notified of his win by One Planet Business, McQuagge was understandably pleased to receive the honor. One Planet Business has a reputation for being quite selective when picking its honorees. McQuagge, however, wouldn’t accept the honor without pointing out that the growth and continued success USHEALTH Group has experienced under his tenure was not a feat completed on his own but the result of a combined effort that relied upon the expertise and dedication of the men and women working for the group at all levels and Troy of Twittter.

About Troy McQuagge:

Troy McQuagge studied at the University of Central Florida, where he earned bu Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. Fresh into the job market, McQuagge took a position with Allstate Insurance in 1983. With decades of experience working in the insurance market, McQuagge was sought out to join USHEALTH Group to help the corporate entity adapt the the changing consumer and regulatory demands of the healthcare industry and increase profitability. In six short years McQuagge was put into the position of President and CEO of USHEALTH Advisors.

How Securus Technologies is Making Jails Safer for Officers

My time working in the local jail has been nothing short of adventurous each and every day. Every single day that I show up for work is completely different that the previous, and each day is getting far more dangerous too. The inmates ability to smuggle in contraband, weapons, and cellphones, only add to the problem for officers working inside.


On a normal day in the jail we can maintain order without too much in the way of incidents. Add into the mix the inmates using heroin or crack, and now you go from a normal inmate who can be restrained by two guards, to an unruly one who needs six or more officers to try and get him detained. My main goal each day is the safety of my team, and one of the ways we do that is by limiting the flow of drugs into the jail.


Each day I might surprise some of the inmates with a cell inspection, other times i will be at the front of the line checking visitors for any signs of contraband. These inmates get very good and finding ways to smuggle the drugs into the jail, then add into the mix that many low level gang members on the outside have no fear about getting caught and being paced in jail because it only solidifies their position in the gang.


Recently we had Securus Technologies do a system wide upgrade to the inmate communication system. The new system came with software that helped us to better understand and act on leads that were not evident in the past. Now when two gang members were discussing how and when the drugs will get into the jail, we act first instead of always being in reaction mode. The software allows us to catch the drugs before they get to the jail now.