A Look At The US Money Reserve’s New Website

April 22, 2017 | By tallbirdy | 0 Comments

The US Money Reserve was proud to announce the rollout of a new company website to make the user experience more enjoyable. This new website is easy to navigate and compatible for any device and has information related to investing in gold and silver put in understandable terms.

Users can take a look at the live market values of gold and silver and see prices of gold bullion and bricks. The US Money Reserve wanted to enhance their customer service as well with the website renovation by using offline support through Client-Connect Advantage which assists users in purchases, returns and other product information.

The US Money Reserve is a private company that former US Mint Director Philip N. Diehl was instrumental in founding. Diehl’s work at the US Mint was highly commended by the financial industry as he helped generate over $2.6 billion in profits and higher returns to taxpayers.


He oversaw reforms in the US Mint’s commemorative coin program and also started the 50 States Quarters and Sacagawea gold dollar. After he left the US Mint and joined US Money Reserve, Diehl worked with congressional Democrats to have the nation’s first platinum trillion-dollar coin minted.

The idea behind the US Money Reserve is to give everyone a safe haven they can invest in during troubled economic times. When war is imminent or their is a fallout in the global markets, the value of the US dollar can stagnate and in some extreme cases could even crash.

Gold and silver are precious metals that have always had a high demand and cannot be regulated by banks or governments, and at one time US currency was backed by the gold standard.

Investing in gold can sometimes be tricky because while its price can go up during a financial crisis, selling it once it loses value in a stable market can result in losses if its not done right. But the US Money Reserve has detailed information to help even the average investor invest properly.

There are transfer kits for current investments you might have in mutual funds or IRAs that you can use to move your funds into gold and silver.

Coins are usually the most highly recommended investment as they can be used as legal tender, but there may be other reasons why you need to invest in bricks or bars. To find out more about investing in precious metals you can visit www.usmoneyreserve.com.


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