Roberto Santiago and His Contribution to the Development of the Town He Grew Up In

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When it comes to Brazil, one of the main attractions who visit Joao Pessoa is the Manaira mall. The shopping mall was built in the year 1989 but has all the modern facilities that one would expect from a newly built mall. It has many different options for people from all age groups. From shops, theater to the large food court, the mall is an ideal place for families to spend a wonderful time. It also has a large gaming area where children can indulge in many fun games. There is a well-equipped fitness center within the mall that the local loves.

One of the newest additions to the Manaira Mall is its Domus Hall. It is a large air-conditioned space that was built in 2009. With a capacity of 10,000 people at any time, it hosts fairs, exhibition, and concerts from time to time. One can also book the hall for conferences or any private events. This two-storey hall has a ground floor for large events, while the first floor has been constructed for smaller parties and meetings. All sound equipment and acoustics are readily available for hire within the hall. Read more articles on

There are many entertainment options in the mall that makes it a popular for family outings. The large gaming area has many gaming options along with a bowling alley. Spread over 1800 square meter, the gaming area has more than 200 machines installed for young and adults as well. The movie theater too has a large capacity with features such as VIP area, 3D facilities and food stall that serves snacks and drinks.

Roberto Santiago is an investor and entrepreneur in Brazil. He is known for his investments in properties and ideas that contribute towards the modernization of Brazil. He is not just any other investor who wants to earn money, he intends to work towards the development of his country and has worked hard to achieve that. He is associated with many non-profit organizations and offers his money and time for the benefit of the community in which he grew up.

Roberto Santiago was born in July 1958 and spent his childhood in Joao Pessoa. He had a passion for entrepreneurship from the very start. He was always good in studies and completed his graduation from Pio X Marist College and then a Business degree from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. His first venture was that of a carton company, where he designed and manufacturer boxes and then sold them to his clients. While the company grew, he lost interest as there was no growth in sight for him. He then moved to investing in real estate. His put money on a large plot of land in Joao Pessoa and developed the Manaira Mall. Visit TripAdvisor to read more.


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