Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer: Steering RBS Group Towards Success

In an article on Globo, Duda Melzer, the current chairman of the board of directors and president of RBS Group, is a multitalented serial investor who gained vast experience working locally and overseas. Even after joining the executive management of the family-owned business, the multiple award-winning entrepreneur and manager has continued to enjoy success as an investor. Before joining RBS Group, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer made a name for himself in the corporate world working for some of the leading companies across various industries especially in the United States. It is this experience that he has brought to the company to steer it to greater success.

According to Acaert, in 2001, Duda Melzer was hired as a consultant by Booz Allen & Hamilton where he worked for close to one year. The following, he joined Delphi Corporation as a senior financial analyst before joining serving as the managing director at BoxTop Media from 2002 to 2004. He moved to RBS Group in 2004 as a director general in charge of the company’s domestic market in Brazil. He was later appointed as company vice president in charge of the company’s Brazilian market in 2008. Having gained a lot of experience and insight into the company’s external and internal environment, Duda Melzer took over the helm of the company founded by grandfather in 2016 as the president and chairman. He is currently serving as the chairman at e.Bricks Digital, a company he founded.

Entrepreneurial and Scholarly Endeavors

Successful management of any business, including those owned by families like RBS Group, requires more than experience. A strong academic background is also a key success factor. Duda Melzer is an alumnus of the prestigious Harvard University having graduated with Master of Business Administration from the university. He also holds a Business Administration degree from PUCRS following his graduation in 1988. He is a founder of e.Bricks Digital, an investor in e.Bricks and a partner in Ventures.

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US Money Reserve Hosts A Television Event On Gold Investing

2016 was a year that featured a lot of political debates and national policy discussions, but there were also other debates taking place in the world of economics and business. In particular there were debates featuring investing in gold and silver from the US Money Reserve and a team of financial analysts they hosted on their Gold Summit.

The event featured debate and discussion on the precious metals markets and the importance of investing in them. Hosting the event was former CNN news host Larry King and the son of former President Ronald Reagan, Michael Reagan. Delivering their addresses to the television audience were US Money Reserve President Philip N. Diehl, Master Numismatist John Rothans, and former company executive Brad Castillo.

US Money Reserve’s mission is to educate and encourage Americans to invest in gold and silver when the time is right. In fact the time to do so just might be today because in President Trump’s America with the rumors of war and a lot of unpredictability, world markets could see a lot of unsteadiness combined with hyperinflation.

The US national debt is also a factor and when financial crises become a concern, the best decision is to protect financial assets by investing in a stable asset.

Gold and silver are two precious metals that have been high in value since the beginning of time, and since they are always in demand yet not regulated by a central government authority, they are a good solution for investors. Gold and silver coins are recognized as legal tender by the US government and they can be sold back when the markets become stable again. Gold and silver bricks and bars also have value, but there are risks associated with these assets that coins don’t have.

According to Crunchbase, one reason the US Money Reserve is a good choice for precious metal investing is their Chairman, Philip N. Diehl has in-depth knowledge of currencies having been Director of the US Mint. Diehl helped turn the Mint into a high quality agency and even led the development of its website and customer service platform.

Diehl has taken this expertise to the US Money Reserve as well and has made its most important information readily available for all users. Visitors can navigate the website and find information on transferring their IRA into gold and silver assets, and making purchases is fairly simple through the Client-Connect software. More information can be found at

Bruce Levenson Is Changing Things Up At Do Good Institute

Bruce Levenson is the founder and key trustee of Do Good Institute at the University of Maryland, reports He retired from NBA ownership in 2015 after selling the Atlanta Hawks for $850 million, nearly twice the value they were thought to be prior to the sale. He also had filed a lawsuit against AIG insurance the following year when they refused to issue payouts to a claim regarding former General Manager Danny Ferry’s dispute. At Do Good Institute, Levenson is encouraging students to put their entrepreneurial skills to use to build philanthropic groups and run them like businesses. Levenson believes that many non-profits can succeed with the right leaders and visionaries leading them.

Bruce Levenson grew up in Washington D.C. and began his business career there in journalism. He wrote for the Washington Star for several years, but then while he went to law school he decided to start publishing his own paper. He and Ed Peskowitz started out with a publication titled Oil Express, and as they gained profits they turned their publishing business into a large company named Unified Communications Group. UCG went from the oil industry to technology, banking, healthcare and government regulations news and also became the incubator company for TechTarget. UCG also owns the GasBuddy app. See,

Bruce Levenson decided to become an NBA owner in 2004 and purchased the Atlanta Hawks along with the arena and the stakes in the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers who he sold in 2011. Levenson also was on the Board of Governors during this time, Levenson’s enthusiasm for basketball also led him to help launch Hoop Dreams, a tournament in downtown Washington D.C. for youth basketball players and helped fund private school scholarships. Levenson also is involved with the Holocaust Memorial Museum and supports Jewish activists in BBYO, Seeds of Peace and Birthright Israel.

One Planet Business Notices Professional Excellence in Troy McQuagge

Every year, One Planet Business takes a look at leaders across disparate industries to see how companies are being managed and if they can adapt to the changing demands of the economy. In 2016, Troy McQuagge was recognized for his work with USHEALTH Group and was awarded the CEO of the Year and more information click here.

 Troy McQuagge’s time at USHEALTH Group began with the company’s need to restructure in order to meet the changes in the healthcare market following the introduction of new federal regulations. McQuagge has stuck with the company since then.

McQuagge’s approach to the restructure began with an analysis of USHEALTH Advisors, the main distributor for the whole group. With a top-down reorganization of personnel and resources, McQuagge expanded USHEALTH Advisors financially.

Years after his arrival to USHEALTH Group, McQuagge ha situated himself as an instrumental member of its executive level. This gave him the ability to help the group better compete in what’s one of the most competitive industries in the country, and he’s aware of all the people who help make sure USHEALTH Group succeeds and learn more about Troy.

Notified of his win by One Planet Business, McQuagge was understandably pleased to receive the honor. One Planet Business has a reputation for being quite selective when picking its honorees. McQuagge, however, wouldn’t accept the honor without pointing out that the growth and continued success USHEALTH Group has experienced under his tenure was not a feat completed on his own but the result of a combined effort that relied upon the expertise and dedication of the men and women working for the group at all levels and Troy of Twittter.

About Troy McQuagge:

Troy McQuagge studied at the University of Central Florida, where he earned bu Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. Fresh into the job market, McQuagge took a position with Allstate Insurance in 1983. With decades of experience working in the insurance market, McQuagge was sought out to join USHEALTH Group to help the corporate entity adapt the the changing consumer and regulatory demands of the healthcare industry and increase profitability. In six short years McQuagge was put into the position of President and CEO of USHEALTH Advisors.

How Securus Technologies is Making Jails Safer for Officers

My time working in the local jail has been nothing short of adventurous each and every day. Every single day that I show up for work is completely different that the previous, and each day is getting far more dangerous too. The inmates ability to smuggle in contraband, weapons, and cellphones, only add to the problem for officers working inside.


On a normal day in the jail we can maintain order without too much in the way of incidents. Add into the mix the inmates using heroin or crack, and now you go from a normal inmate who can be restrained by two guards, to an unruly one who needs six or more officers to try and get him detained. My main goal each day is the safety of my team, and one of the ways we do that is by limiting the flow of drugs into the jail.


Each day I might surprise some of the inmates with a cell inspection, other times i will be at the front of the line checking visitors for any signs of contraband. These inmates get very good and finding ways to smuggle the drugs into the jail, then add into the mix that many low level gang members on the outside have no fear about getting caught and being paced in jail because it only solidifies their position in the gang.


Recently we had Securus Technologies do a system wide upgrade to the inmate communication system. The new system came with software that helped us to better understand and act on leads that were not evident in the past. Now when two gang members were discussing how and when the drugs will get into the jail, we act first instead of always being in reaction mode. The software allows us to catch the drugs before they get to the jail now.


A Look At The US Money Reserve’s New Website

The US Money Reserve was proud to announce the rollout of a new company website to make the user experience more enjoyable. This new website is easy to navigate and compatible for any device and has information related to investing in gold and silver put in understandable terms.

Users can take a look at the live market values of gold and silver and see prices of gold bullion and bricks. The US Money Reserve wanted to enhance their customer service as well with the website renovation by using offline support through Client-Connect Advantage which assists users in purchases, returns and other product information.

The US Money Reserve is a private company that former US Mint Director Philip N. Diehl was instrumental in founding. Diehl’s work at the US Mint was highly commended by the financial industry as he helped generate over $2.6 billion in profits and higher returns to taxpayers.


He oversaw reforms in the US Mint’s commemorative coin program and also started the 50 States Quarters and Sacagawea gold dollar. After he left the US Mint and joined US Money Reserve, Diehl worked with congressional Democrats to have the nation’s first platinum trillion-dollar coin minted.

The idea behind the US Money Reserve is to give everyone a safe haven they can invest in during troubled economic times. When war is imminent or their is a fallout in the global markets, the value of the US dollar can stagnate and in some extreme cases could even crash.

Gold and silver are precious metals that have always had a high demand and cannot be regulated by banks or governments, and at one time US currency was backed by the gold standard.

Investing in gold can sometimes be tricky because while its price can go up during a financial crisis, selling it once it loses value in a stable market can result in losses if its not done right. But the US Money Reserve has detailed information to help even the average investor invest properly.

There are transfer kits for current investments you might have in mutual funds or IRAs that you can use to move your funds into gold and silver.

Coins are usually the most highly recommended investment as they can be used as legal tender, but there may be other reasons why you need to invest in bricks or bars. To find out more about investing in precious metals you can visit

Copa Star Hospital Offers Homely Environment through a Five Star Infrastructure


Ditch all the boring facts you know about hospitals and embrace the revolutionary, well-built five-star hospital called Copa Star. Geographically located in Figueiredo Magalhaes, Copa Star is specially designed for patients with unprecedented demand for specialized services in the country. Copa Star was developed by a group of hospitals called Das D’Or Sao Luiz. The idea behind the structure was taking up the country’s model. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.


Imagine being admitted to a hospital with galleries of art along the corridors? Hospital Copa Star has approximately 231 pieces of Japanese artist and painter, Yutaka. The hospital has over 30 nurses to attend to patients with an exclusive annex area for employee transit in cases of emergency. With 21000 meters of inbuilt departments, the building has an elegant postcard area for the country with a beach of Copacabana located in Rio, Brazil.


All rooms in the hospital were built with the idea of a five-star hotel in mind. From the hall entrance to the reception, all walls feature fine artworks with decorations. This imparts a warm psychological effect to patients and visitors. Copa Star Hospital is embedded with citric touches featuring mild lighting. The lighting transmits warm ambiance to patients and visitors. The rooms do not have strong artificial lights which seem harsh to patients.

Healthy Menus

Following a technique called gastronomy, Copa Star has a five-star restaurant with healthy menus according to doctor’s instructions. Since patients must feed on what seems healthy according to the disease the doctor is treating, Copa Star has heavily invested in providing patients with the right food. The restaurant is headed by a qualified chef. With his vast experience in food preparation, he offers healthy food menus with natural ingredients.


Gastronomy technique extends to the first units to be built. Investors banked over 400 million towards the project with 2013 marking its commencement. The result was an upper-class project. The country intends to pass this knowledge to other upcoming hospitals with the aim of developing Brazil as a country. The major areas of focus are Sao Paulo as well as Brasilia. For patients who utilize Rio de Janeiro Bridge, Copa Star hospital is a good option.


Copa Star Hospital employs technology to offer advanced treatment. The management has a warm welcome for patients. In total, the hospital has approximately 550 qualified staff who provide care for patients. In addition to nurses are 113 qualified doctors. With trained staff, the hospital has been in a position to do complex surgeries like cardiology and neurology. Copa Star is a hospital with differentiated and compatible features for patients and staff. It has a comprehensive multidisciplinary care comprising neurosurgery and cardiac surgery. The hospital features exclusive infrastructure prepared with revolutionary equipment. At Copa Star Hospital, the ambiance presents a homely environment.


The Role of Sawyer Howitt At The Meriwether Group

Meriwether group is a firm located in Portland, Oregon. The company deals with brand building firm that operates with business in search traffic to accelerate their enterprises. The employees at Meriwether Group has experience of every type of business from a mere small startup to a larger scale of more than 450 companies worldwide.

Howitt joined the company, Meriwether Group in 2015 as business strategy analyst where his skills were adamant and significant; he developed a RFID checkout solutions for retail enterprises. Due to his hard work, Sawyer Howitt was promoted to a be a Project Manager at the company early January 2017.

Sawyer Howitt was the first to came up with the RFID checking. This is one of his kind breakthrough in life. Now he remains with responsibility regularly improving the retail technology that will be a turning point in the very nature of commerce. Hard work continues to be the virtue and key to success.



Roberto Santiago and His Contribution to the Development of the Town He Grew Up In

When it comes to Brazil, one of the main attractions who visit Joao Pessoa is the Manaira mall. The shopping mall was built in the year 1989 but has all the modern facilities that one would expect from a newly built mall. It has many different options for people from all age groups. From shops, theater to the large food court, the mall is an ideal place for families to spend a wonderful time. It also has a large gaming area where children can indulge in many fun games. There is a well-equipped fitness center within the mall that the local loves.

One of the newest additions to the Manaira Mall is its Domus Hall. It is a large air-conditioned space that was built in 2009. With a capacity of 10,000 people at any time, it hosts fairs, exhibition, and concerts from time to time. One can also book the hall for conferences or any private events. This two-storey hall has a ground floor for large events, while the first floor has been constructed for smaller parties and meetings. All sound equipment and acoustics are readily available for hire within the hall. Read more articles on

There are many entertainment options in the mall that makes it a popular for family outings. The large gaming area has many gaming options along with a bowling alley. Spread over 1800 square meter, the gaming area has more than 200 machines installed for young and adults as well. The movie theater too has a large capacity with features such as VIP area, 3D facilities and food stall that serves snacks and drinks.

Roberto Santiago is an investor and entrepreneur in Brazil. He is known for his investments in properties and ideas that contribute towards the modernization of Brazil. He is not just any other investor who wants to earn money, he intends to work towards the development of his country and has worked hard to achieve that. He is associated with many non-profit organizations and offers his money and time for the benefit of the community in which he grew up.

Roberto Santiago was born in July 1958 and spent his childhood in Joao Pessoa. He had a passion for entrepreneurship from the very start. He was always good in studies and completed his graduation from Pio X Marist College and then a Business degree from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. His first venture was that of a carton company, where he designed and manufacturer boxes and then sold them to his clients. While the company grew, he lost interest as there was no growth in sight for him. He then moved to investing in real estate. His put money on a large plot of land in Joao Pessoa and developed the Manaira Mall. Visit TripAdvisor to read more.

Bruno Fagali: How To Choose A Powerful Attorney

Looking for top notch advice or representation in a legal matter? When deciding on the best attorney to handle a case for you or someone you know, it is crucial to consider all your options. You’ll need to find an attorney that represents clients in the type of law field you are dealing with.

Choose a legal advisor or attorney with vast experience and skill in handling legal matters. Consider the personal qualities of the attorney. Being involved in a dispute or other legal situation can be frustrating, and even frightening if the case ends up in court, so find a lawyer who can fight zealously for you. If you plan carefully and do your research, you can find the right lawyer for your need.

Bruno Fagali represents and advises business owners, corporate executives and other clients, Bruno Fagali is a knowledgeable lawyer who has been helping people and companies address legal matters appropriately. Bruno Fagali consider the precise needs and circumstances of his client’s case before deciding how to tackle it.

Want to learn more about Bruno Fagali? Click here.

As an experienced attorney, Bruno Fagali tries to settle a case using the most cost-efficient method. If negotiation or out of court settlement does not work, Bruno Fagali is always ready and prepared to go to court. Bruno Fagali is a powerful attorney who has been obtaining excellent outcomes for his clients. When you have Bruno Fagali by your side, you can be confident your case will be handled effectively.

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