Kate Hudson is Taking Amazon Head On

The e-commerce market is extremely competitive, especially when it comes to fashion. Amazon controls 20% of the e-commerce fashion market, but there is one company that is taking Amazon head-on and having success, Fabletics, a subscription-based activewear company that has experienced a lot of growth in recent years.


Fabletics has a few things working in its favor helping them with this cause. Its celebrity CEO, Kate Hudson, is a huge help to the company with branding and marketing. The company has also adopted the subscription method of selling its activewear to consumers. Mixing Hudson’s inspiration-laden social media marketing campaign with their convenient purchasing methods has led to Fabletics growing to a $250 million business.


The company has gotten more aggressive recently and has started opening physical stores. There are sixteen stores so far across the United States and there are planning for several more in the coming years. These stores have been a success because of their unique methodology. The following are three ways that Fabletics is changing the way the fashion stores operate.


  1. The Reverse Showroom – One issue clothing retailers have is people finding products they like in the store and buying them online at a lower price. Fabletics has developed a way to combat this by creating what they call a “reverse showroom”. Most of the people that shop in the stores are current or future members. The store gives them the ability to try on clothing and then place it in their shopping cart online for purchase when they get home.


  1. Fabletics Uses Online Data to Shape Their Physical Showroom – Each store utilizes localized data about customer preferences to guide their buyers, helping them avoid stocking items local shoppers wi not be interested in. Fabletics succeeds by being a national clothing brand with a local touch.


  1. They Understand the Modern Consumer – Shoppers today want innovative money-saving ways to purchase items along with both a fast point of sale and streamlined shipping methods. Fabletics provides all of these things, leading to the company growing at an average rate of 35% per year. The company is also great at keeping members informed about future products. The complete and clear understanding of Fabletic’s current and future competitors is the backbone of its success so far.


Starting a new clothing brand in today’s market is a daunting proposition. New brands know they are going to have to compete with Amazon. There are companies that are doing it with some success recently, thanks to niché products and innovative purchasing methods.


Subscription-based shopping has been around for years in other markets and is only just starting to catch on in the clothing world. Kate Hudson and her company are at the forefront of this industry-changing trend. The company’s strategic and intelligent approach to opening and expanding physical retail locations both helps them in that market and serves to improve the online sales. Amazon still controls the e-commerce world, but companies like Fabletics still have room for success.

José Borghi has labored to become a high esteemed advertising professional.

The promotional guru, who’s accomplishments are behind the founding of his company, Mullen Lowe, Brazil’s unparalleled and vastly lauded promotional endeavors, is Jose Borghi. Jose’s most legendary and engaging commercials, is entitled “Mammals Parmalat”. In this production, that aired all across Brazil, children are depicted dancing and singing to, Brazilian jingles. The interesting aspect of this commercial promotion, is that the children are garbed in costumes, resembling those of stuffed animals.

Jose’s success in unparalleled, in the complex vocation of advertising. His career interests began, during the time that he was attending middle school. His sister, encouraged Jose to go to a theater with her, to sit and enjoy a presentation on well-liked, commercial adverts. The theater presented a variety of creative commercials, each of the commercials, were renowned, all over the country of Brazil, for their original presentation. The commercials that were showcased that day, had earned a prize for their production values, from the revered Cannes Film Festival. Each producer, who was responsible for the commercials, was presented with an award. These awards, similar to golden lions, mesmerized Jose. When he gazed upon those mesmerizing, lion awards, he immediately realized that he would endeavor to work hard to be an inventive creator of adverts, himself.

Jose graduated from the PUC-Campinas. There, he obtained his Advertising degree. Jose then progressed to his first employer, the Standart Ogilvy, in 1989. He then increased his professional experience, by laboring at Leo Burnett. Jose, alongside Erh Ray, his friend and business partner, founded an advertising venture, and labeled the venture using their family names, BorghiErh.

The name was altered, to Borghi Lowe, after Lowe bought them out. They prospered, achieving recognition to then merge with Lowe & the Mullen Group, to create the brand, Mullen Lowe.


Your Next Purchase of Lip Balm Should Be From EOS

The product that you choose to keep your lips nourished and not chapped is going to determine how much money you end up spending on it on a regular basis. Unfortunately, there are many brands of lip balm that do not deliver on their promise and their customers end up having to apply it to their lips constantly due to the effects not lasting as long as the details have stated they will. This is entirely the company’s fault and not the customer’s. Thus, it is highly recommended for all customers of lip balm to ensure that they are purchasing their lip balm product from a company that truly values their customers’ health and well being in mind. That’s right; the condition of one’s lips contributes tremendously to their health.

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